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Pacific InterWest supports your team and project through the construction process. From the start of construction, inspectors and consultants are available to monitor the progress, systems, and installation practices on the jobsite.

Construction services are available for investors, for testing of systems, progress inspections, ADA compliance, and code required certifications. Custom services are also available to meet specific Client and project needs.

Construction Services

new building under construction covered in scaffolding

Construction Draw Processing or Investor Reports

Pacific InterWest field personnel visit the jobsite and analyze the client-provided schedule to verify the stage of construction of each building under construction and overall site status. A report is provided to the lender/equity partner within 48 hours.

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exterior wall assembly under construction

Exterior Wall Assembly Mockup Review and Water Testing

Once the mockup has been completed to the satisfaction of Pacific InterWest and all parties involved, water testing will be performed in compliance with AAMA 502-12 and ASTM E 1105 to determine if the assembly is weather tight.

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inspector reviewing installation of material at a construction site

Course of Construction Inspections

Pacific InterWest’s third-party QA/QC inspections during construction are designed to mitigate risk and aid in developing a quality product.

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inspectors at jobsite reviewing construction processes

Custom Services

Pacific InterWest offers clients and project specific services designed to assist and improve current processes from training to education and specialized consulting in areas like Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program (SWPPP) compliance.

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