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Pacific InterWest: Pioneers in quality control and risk mitigation

Founded by David E. MacLellan, his 45 years of experience in the construction industry paved the way for Pacific InterWest’s success, beginning with a core business of third-party construction inspection and peer plan review.


MacLellan Media, Inc.

Established alongside Pacific InterWest, MacLellan Media, Inc. was set-up to support and distribute industry publications and resources.


Homeowners Education Association: Homebuilding industry smart

Under MacLellan Media, Inc., Homeowners Education Association became the go-to resource for industry standards of care, distributing publications and guidelines for residential construction, compliance, and maintenance.


DEM Site Evaluation and Inspection Company

In memory of David E. MacLellan, DEM is established to support pre-construction and post-construction services, primarily performing surveys and inspections. DEM recently implemented a safety program to assist builders with the County required Third-party Jobsite Safety Accountability Supervision (JSAS) protocol established in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Pacific States Aerial: Adopting new technologies

The adoption and integration of drone technology further elevates and complements the services offered by the Build Group with the addition of aerial inspections, 3D mapping, and high-quality photography and video which can be used for many applications.



Merging experience and technology for quality construction, Pacific InterWest builds proprietary inspection software and a mobile app to evaluate, analyze, and collect service data.


Atlantic & Pacific Build Group

With a growing network of companies, Atlantic & Pacific Build Group is established as the operating company for all affiliated entities.


Pacific InterWest Apartment Inspection Services

Formed in response to the 2018 passing of Senate Bills 721 and 326, requiring the inspection of wood framed exterior elevated elements at apartments and condominiums in California, Pacific InterWest introduces turnkey inspection and consulting services for meeting repair and compliance.


Pacific InterWest Energy Consultants

Pacific InterWest expands services to support builders in navigating California’s local and federal energy code requirements.


Pacific InterWest Celebrates 15 Years

Corporate Team

Glen Martin, President & CEO, Atlantic & Pacific Build Group

Glen Martin


David E. MacLellan, Chairman Emeritus, Atlantic & Pacific Build Group

David E. MacLellan

Chairman Emeritus

2 inspectors observing a jobsite, Atlantic & Pacific Build Group

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Atlantic & Pacific Build Group

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